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    Sino-Linchem International, Inc. was founded on September 9, 2009. It is Vice-President Unit of Phosphorus Chemical Branch of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, Chairman company of Guangxi Association of Phosphoric Chemicals Industry and Advanced Enterprise in China’s Phosphorus Chemical Industry. It belongs to the fine phosphorus chemical section which is part of the phosphorus chemical industry. We possess advanced production technology and equipment of polyphosphoric acid, phosphorus pentoxide, black phosphorus and agricultural water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate. We specialize in production, R&D and sales of phosphoric acid, polyphosphoric acid, phosphate, phosphorus pentoxide, black phosphorus and battery grade iron phosphate, with an annual capacity of phosphoric acid up to 100,000 MT, phosphate 100,000 MT and phosphorus pentoxide 40,000 MT. The company owns phosphoric acid tanks and yellow phosphorus tanks with total volume of 3000 cubic and 12000 cubic respectively.

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